Georgia Horgan & Clunie Reid
Celine, Glasgow
20th October – 26th November 2016

Celine presented a two-person exhibition by Georgia Horgan and Clunie Reid around sex, control, capital and mysticism, conceived around a conversation about the work of performance artist and musician Cosey Fanni Tutti. As an addendum to the works presented by each artist, the show also featured an original copy of one of Cosey Fanni Tutti’s Magazine Actions.

Brook, a touring screening programme curated by Róisín McQueirns and Rosanna Puyol featuring videos by Marnie Weber, Stuart Middleton and GOD was shown in the spare room.

Installation photography by David Excoffier.

Georgia Horgan & Clunie Reid, installation view.

Clunie Reid, Girl's Night Out, 2016, vinyl.

Fiesta magazine 1976, kindly lent by Paul Peroni.

Georgia Horgan, Mockery, 2016, screen printed canvas and embroidery.

The Recording Demon, reading, 2016.

Brook, screening programme curated by Róisín McQueirns and Rosanna Puyol.

Marnie Weber, costume from All Night Movies, 1993.